Local Marketing Platform: 6 features you need to consider

Brand marketers can get one step closer to multi-channel attribution… Most brands still don’t completely understand the role a local marketing platform should play for them. “Marketers have always acknowledged the benefits of accounting for every marketing channel and brand-imposed touchpoint, but in spite of such awareness, adoption of these types of practices has been […]

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Everything you need to know about the Google My Business API

If you want accurate information on Google Maps – and you absolutely do – you need to go through the Google My Business platform. Getting Google Maps and Google My Business right is essential for all brands. SweetIQ has created, claimed, managed and suppressed duplicate GMB listings for tens of thousands of business locations. Until […]

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4 Steps to Building a Cross-Device Strategy For Retailers

Technology has changed the way people shop today, with consumers often beginning their search on a device they have at hand and then switching to one with better user experience that conveniently allows them to finish their research or make a purchase. This isn’t just a millennial trend, 90% of consumers bounce back and forth […]

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The Local Guide to Pokémon GO Marketing

With more than 21 Million daily active users, Pokémon GO is a legitimate online to IRL phenomenon. Pokémon trainers (players) huddle around PokéStops to collect the little critters, creating new marketing opportunities for National brands. To help you out, we created the Local Marketer’s Guide to Pokémon GO Marketing – your handy resource for turning trainers into shoppers. […]

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3 Brands Overcoming Today’s Retail Challenges

The retail landscape is shifting, quickly. Experts predict we will see more change in the next 5 years than in the last 50. That’s mostly due to the fact that technology is rapidly changing the way we interact with and buy from brands. Consumer’s desire for personalization, a shift away from “Big Box Stores”, and […]

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How to Claim your Facebook Locations (aka parent/child setup for brands) [Updated]

The question of Facebook’s “Locations” feature is still a riddle wrapped in an enigma, more than five years after it was rolled out. Are you a multi-location brand? Then you need Facebook Locations. Create your own consistent Facebook location/child pages, linked to your brand pages and avoid user-created or auto-generated location pages that hurt your […]

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Google at a Glance: Added Features for In-Store Analytics, Travel, AMP

Added Features for Length of Time People Spend in Stores Drawing from crowd sourced store data, last year Google added a feature which displays the most popular times customers visit a store or restaurant throughout the day. In this “popular times” section, Google is now testing a new feature that shows on average how long […]

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Angie’s List is Now Free: 5 Things Local Marketers Need to Know

Last week Angie’s List terminated their membership fee and became a free site for all. In case you are unfamiliar with the review site, we’ve compiled a quick FAQ on why this is important for Local Marketing. Below we list the 5 most important things you need to know to determine if Angie’s List should […]

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SweetIQ Introduces Review Responding Solution

Everyone knows that online reviews are the new normal for businesses, yet so many brands still struggle with review management. Building a response strategy that shines a positive light on your brand is critical to your bottom line, as well as your reputation. Studies have shown that responding correctly to an online review can positively […]

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