Tips For Local Content Creating

By - On August 29, 2013

Good local writing requires skill - it is not monkeys work.

Good local writing requires skill – it is not monkeys work.

Creating content for any website requires writing skills, obviously; but, what many companies overlook is the need to write for the search engines, as well as your future customers. So today I have decided to do some searching for great articles that will help and inspire your writing skills.

The one major tip I can give is to be aware of the optimization needs but write with style, develop a voice and try and see if there are any viral aspects to the subject of your website. As a reader of many many pages of web content every day, I really appreciate the effort good writers put in to their site. So hopefully you will gain some tips for your local sites from the links below.

Vertical Response’s 5 Copywriting Tips To Enhance The User Experience – good tips and great links inside the article.

Econsultancy’s 30 Powerful Adjectives and Verbs For Eye Catching Headlines – the right clever headline can drive a lot of traffic. It is usually the line used in Tweets and catchy short headlines prompt clicks.

Distilled’s How to Produce High Quality Written Content – starts with a great section on knowing your audience and then goes on to how to write for them.

ProBlogger’s Write Good Content may have been written over 7 years ago but still offers insights.

WikiHow’s How to Write Great Web Content in English (when English isn’t your First Language – may be a simple article but given it is written in English for those who may not be as fluent as a native speaker, it offers good points.

Duct Tape Marketing’s Writing for the Web: Tips, Tricks and Standards is a great example of a guest blog post and has been a reference on a number of occasions.

Local Visibility System’s 16 Ways to Create Unique Local Content for Cities Where You Want To Rank/

Hope these stir your creative side. If you know of any others to recommend drop them in the comments below.