David Li

Head of Strategy and Execution

David Li

Hailing from Mauritius Island, David has come a long way both personally and professionally. Having worked on both sides of the African horn, he is a 10-year veteran in delivering large scale programs in the advertising, technology and transportation industries. Now a full-time Montrealer, he is in charge of scaling SweetIQ’s operations to accommodate not only internal growth but also the influx of clients that have recently come onboard (+400%).

Scaling up businesses is something David does effortlessly. His accomplishments are clear examples of precision management and strong leadership involving multidisciplinary teams and partners worldwide. He managed programs at Yellow Pages transitioning the company to the digital era, and he has worked for nine years at Bombardier Aerospace where he held key positions towards lifting the Bombardier CSeries aircraft’s off the ground and ensuring it can stay in the air for the next 100 years. Before this, he spent three years working for the British-American Investment Co. as a Business Development Manager.

David believes SweetIQ was born out of a clear need for businesses to be found by consumers, and it’s now maturing along with the Local Marketing industry into more nuanced practices. He envisions it will continue to evolve at lightning speed –at the same pace as technology– and that eventually, all businesses will see Local Marketing as a necessary tool.

David leads by mentoring and encouraging his team under Oliver Cromwell’s motto: “He who stops being better stops being good.” He looks up to Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk as modern visionaries, and you can find him running local searches for his favorite clothing brands.