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Executive Team

At SweetIQ we leverage local marketing technology
that allows customers to find and choose your locations.

  • David Li

    David Li

    Head of Strategy and Execution
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    My Favorite Brands
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  • Liz McConomy

    Liz McConomy

    Director of Marketing
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    Local Search:
    Best Spa Near Me
  • Edwin Nissanoff, Director of Enterprise Sales, SweetIQ

    Edwin Nissanoff

    Vice-President, Sales
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    Sushi Near Me
    Edwin Nissanoff - Sushi Near Me
  • Fernando Galandrini

    Fernando Galandrini

    Director of Architecture
  • Joanna Caballero

    Joanna M. Caballero

    Delivery Director
    Most Frequent
    Local Search:
    Activities in Mont-Tremblant
    SweetIQ Local Search Mont Tremblant