Joanna M. Caballero

Delivery Director

Joanna M. Caballero

To say that Joanna M. Caballero is a citizen of the world is putting it lightly. Fluent in four languages and a globetrotter at heart, Joanna leverages her passion for learning about people and cultures to create success on the job. As she puts it, “My job is to take care of my people. I ensure my developers are challenged, passionate, happy, and kept in the right mindset to be productive.”

Born in Chile to Spanish parents, Joanna moved to Montreal when she was young, and studied International Business and Languages at McGill. Unsurprisingly, she launched her career with a global mindset, taking an International Business Development position at Positron, a Montreal-based 9-1-1 integrated solutions company. Once on the job, Joanna quickly evolved into a project management role, thanks to her razor-sharp focus on customer service and organization skills.

After honing her skills, Joanna quickly became a sought-after leader in project management at Bombardier Aerospace. She joined SweetIQ in the spring of 2018, drawn to the company by the welcoming people and clear opportunity to make an impactful contribution to the team. As SweetIQ’s Delivery Director, she leads a team of 30 software developers and testers. She says that her day-to-day is never the same – but, as any travel junkie will admit – the element of surprise is what’s most exciting.

As a leader, Joanna’s mission is to teach her team the value in doing things right the first time – no matter how painstaking the journey may seem. Trust, respect and teamwork are the key values she aims to instill. Joanna is inspired by genuine, mindful leaders who aren’t afraid to fail.

When Joanna is out of office, you’ll find her helping others, be it her family, friends or people in the community – or planning her next adventure. Next stop – India, Croatia, somewhere in Asia… subject to change!



Joanna Caballero