Liz McConomy

Director of Marketing


Liz McConomy

A true Montrealer in her own right, fully bilingual and with plenty of joie de vivre, Liz is a seasoned marketer with over 12 years experience under her belt. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Concordia University, and having worked in the advertising industry both in New York City and Montreal, she has climbed her way up the corporate ladder in Advertising Agencies and Yellow Pages, where she got her first brush with Local Marketing.

After being in charge of running our Reseller program and building our internal and external trainings, Liz showed her true colors by becoming SweetIQ’s Director of Marketing. Here, she uses her training in Psychology and professional experience to streamline and distil our messaging, strategize for lead generation, and oversee our tactical approach to events, social and PR efforts.

Liz sees Local Marketing evolving into a more mature phase: “Marketers today know the basics. You start by establishing a local presence and generating data that creates a strong ROI story. Next up is learning how to leverage the data created to build a strong marketing plan for your brand. In a not too distant future, we will see Local Marketing evolving into a more mobile and integrated experience. Your devices will collect your preferences and communicate with businesses to match them. If you are gluten intolerant, or your favorite color is blue, businesses will be able to tailor their product offering to cater to more specific needs. And data is what will get us there.”

Liz leads her team under the precept that personal successes are as critical as team success. Nurturing trust and leading with transparency are key to building a strong team that feels both individually and holistically accomplished.

You’ll find Liz running Google local searches for the best margaritas in town, getting a feel for the city through her network’s Facebook events, and keeping an eye on Foursquare to find the best restaurants in Montreal, Toronto, New York, or wherever SweetIQ takes her.


Liz McConomy