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In marketing, sometimes it’s hard to separate the fact from fiction, or the jargon from valuable insights. We’ve packaged 12 interesting facts about local search marketing here for your reference; and this, we assure you, has the kind of facts that really matter to the local marketing context.

  1. FACT 1: According to a study conducted by @LocalSearchAssn, $10.3 billion worth of potential annual sales are lost due to wrong or missing data! #LSA17
  2. FACT 2: The almighty powerful @Google handles 40,000 search queries EVERY. SECOND! #LSA17
  3. FACT 3: This year, #localmarketing is all about going beyond #listings: #optimize your presence & run location-specific campaigns! #LSA17
  4. FACT 4: Heard of #SocialProof? It’s key to #intelligent marketing: users who interact with #GC are 97% more likely to convert. #LSA17
  5. FACT 5: “Get listed everywhere!” is outdated. Get listed on #directories that matter, and optimize! #LSA17
  6. FACT 6: Mobile. Mobile. MOBILE! Mobile accounts for 56% all time spent online. #LSA17
  7. FACT 7: A study by @deloitte shows that 90% of shoppers still want to make purchases in-store. #LSA17
  8. FACT 8: 30% of all #mobile searches are related to #location. @ThinkWithGoogle #LSA17
  9. FACT 9: According to @EMarketer, 2.56 billion people will be smartphone owners by 2018! That’s a lot of #localsearches #LSA17
  10. FACT 10: According to @Google, 56% of “on the go” searches have a #local intent. @LocalSearchAssn #LSA17
  11. FACT 11: Local is becoming increasingly about #social, thanks to things like @Snapchat
  12. FACT 12: We have the 411 on how your business will be affected by #local this year – download it now! #LSA17
    Thanks for tuning in everyone — and see you at #LSA17! @LocalSearchAssn


By 2018, eMarketer estimates over one-third of consumers worldwide, or more than 2.56 billion people will be smartphone owners. That 2018 figure also represents over half-51.7% – of all mobile phone users.

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