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3 Quick Marketing Tips for Post-Holiday Sales

The rush of the holiday season has nearly come to an end — but that doesn’t mean you should let your marketing momentum slow down. In fact, after the holiday rush is an excellent time to take advantage of the millions of shoppers out there who look for more than just the “perfect present”: they want a great deal.

So, how can you market wisely to these shoppers, and ensure your brand stands out from your competitors? Our three quick tips will guide you in the right direction. Feel free to carry these strategies with you all through January, too!

1. Market to Your Holiday Shoppers!

Why not tap into the people who’ve already visited your store? For shoppers who purchased something from  Black Friday to Christmas Eve, send a follow-up email right after the 25th to offer an exclusive loyalty coupon. Maybe try having a 24-hour flash sale on the 29th or 30th, when the immediate post-Christmas crowds have cleared yet there is still a ton of product in the store.

2. Give Added Incentive to Gift Card Buyers 

Many people receive gift cards in lieu of a physical gift for the holidays — and they’re usually eager to spend right after December 25th, when sales are great and they can get the most bang for their buck. Try giving an added incentive to people using gift cards, so they purchase more than just the gift card amount. For example, offer an extra coupon for a certain amount spent over the gift card allowance, or a percentage off the entire purchase. You can even make that coupon usable in January or February, or whenever the foot traffic in your store tends to be lighter. Whatever you do, make sure to grab an e-mail address so you can market to them again in the future.

3. Launch a Fun Post-Holiday Contest 

Running social media contests is a great way for your business to collect valuable User-Generated Content (which you can repurpose throughout the year), and an excellent way for customers to interact with your brand. You can run a contest across all social channels that’s holiday-related so it’s timel
y and relevant, such as encouraging people to share their favorite moment, or favorite gift, from the season. You can award coupons and discounts to the winners, or depending on how many participants enter, perhaps everyone! The sky’s the limit.

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