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3 Tips for Leveraging Local Restaurants with Foursquare

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Back in 2014 when Foursquare made the decision of splitting up into two separate apps, Foursquare and Swarm, the company was met with speculation and uncertainty about its potential success. Fast forward to two years later and Foursquare has risen to the top as a highly sought out and intuitive application with 55 million monthly active users.

Foursquare’s Pilgrim technology allows it to function based on a user’s current location and their potential next destination essentially without the user having to do anything. Just landed in a new city? Foursquare can notify you of a travel tip left by a friend at a nearby pub. Among its advanced technology the feature that really makes the app stand out from all the rest is its use of tastes.

Foursquare Filters

Foursquare tastes are a creative spin on filters. Users can choose or even manually add new suggestions when they log into the app to better cater results and recommendations.
For example, if a user has added “sushi” to their collection of tastes, the next time they are nearby a highly rated sushi restaurant and have Foursquare running on their smartphones they will receive a notification. Last May, only a year after their decision to streamline the app, people had already added 100 million different tastes.

Foursquare filters
Users rely on Foursquare to lead them to a unique and personalized dining experience they can simultaneously share on their social networks.

As a restaurant business, ranking locally will help you get the proper traction across the most widely used apps — for foodies and travelers alike. So what can you do to build your online reputation for more foot traffic in your restaurant?

  1. Claim your listing. Once you’ve claimed your business listing you have complete control over your Foursquare business profile. Updating vital information like business hours and your address is made easy. You can also personalize your profile by uploading which photos are displayed and adding a menu and/or special tips your customers should know about.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses. You can learn a lot about your business from Foursquare. If you’re customers are constantly raving about a specific item on a menu or often use specific words to describe the ambiance of your location use it to your advantage by focusing on these features in specials or promotions. This is a great strategy in owning the title “the best” in your specified location. For example, “the best doughnuts in Boston” or “the best rooftop view”. Pay attention and update your focus accordingly. The more your location is associated with specified keywords, i.e. tastes the more likely it is you will appear in the apps search query results.
  3. Specials and promotions. Offering discounts on items you want to highlight so customers walk away with a unique experience is key. Is there something particular your restaurant is known for but your customers haven’t caught on yet? Offer it through Foursquare and catch your customer’s attention by starting a bigger conversion.
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