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3 Unconventional Elements for a Cohesive Online Brand  

Today’s consumer has hundreds of ways to interact with your brand at their fingertips. They might access your website through their mobile device, ask you a question on Twitter, or browse items through your app. Having a cohesive digital brand appearance today means taking into consideration any interaction a potential consumer could have with your brand, and making sure all aspects of your brand stay in line with your core messaging; even if you don’t have direct control over where the content is. Below are three crucial but often ignored digital elements to ensure your company has a strong brand appearance:

Clean Online Listings: Consumers are three times more likely to find a store through a search engine than going directly to that brand’s website. This means that a listing in Google might be the first interaction a consumer has with your brand. If there is an incorrect phone number, or the wrong hours of operation are posted, it will leave a negative brand experience and probably lose you a sale. The consumer is going to remember this error and they won’t blame Google, they’ll blame you! Ensuring your listing information is correct online, and that you have complete coverage across the major directories (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare to name a few)  also opens you up to $2Trillion in O2O (Online to Offline) sales opportunities every year.

Managed Reviews:  If a consumer sees a negative review left about your business, it doesn’t matter how nice your website is, according to the Local Consumer Review Survey 72% of them will be swayed by what they see. Even if reviews are not coming directly from your corporate office, they contribute to your brand’s reputation online. Negative reviews happen, in some cases they actually help lend credibility to the positive reviews your brand receives. That being said it’s crucial to know what clients are saying about you, and make sure you’re responding to any reviews that need attention, usually anything under a 2.5 star rating. Click here to learn more.

Accessible Website: Ensure your website optimizes for mobile. Making sure your website looks good across all devices is a crucial step in ensuring consumers have a positive interaction with your brand regardless of the device they choose. Thanks to a recent Google update (aptly named “Mobilegeddon”) you may have read about the importance of optimizing for mobile. However, there has been a lot of debate over whether or not Mobilegeddon had any real effect on websites.

There are many elements to consider when crafting your online brand appearance, but clean listings, managed reviews, and an accessible website are crucial to ensuring that no matter how potential consumers find your brand online, they always have a positive interaction.


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