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4 Essential Ways to Drive More Customers To Your Restaurants Through Micro-Moments

Take a moment to think about how many times you’ve pulled out your phone today to find the answer to an immediate need or question. If you are like 96% of smartphone users, you rely on your phone when a need arises. What’s more, over a third of the time, you’re looking to visit a business close to you within the same day you conducted that search.

Google has coined the term “micro-moments” to define this online-to-offline behaviour. If you’re a restaurant chain looking to identify micro moments for your businesses, try integrating these four simple steps into your marketing strategy.

  1. Identify micro-moments in your customer journey: Take a look at your funnel and make every effort to humanize your brand. What are the different scenarios that take place when they start their search compared to when they have chosen what restaurant they want to visit? In each of these scenarios imagine the type of questions they will ask and the information they need. Are they looking for an address? When you’ve mapped out the whole buyer journey associate an “I want to” micro-moment to each narrative. A person trying to make a reservation is in an “I want to know” moment, not an “I want to buy”.
  2. Understand the exact need your customers have at each moment: In “I want to know” moments, the customer is looking for information, most likely phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation. In “I want to buy moments” the customer is probably looking for menu information, and prices.
  3. Identify how those moments translate to search and device type: Using a keyword research tool find the top mobile centric searches in your industry, as well as desktop. This information will give you powerful insights into what your consumers are searching for in different micro-moments and help you target your marketing.
  4. Optimize your Keyword Strategy in the right Directories: Once you know what searches your customers are conducting on which directories, make sure you optimize your keyword strategy, (whether paid or organic) to make sure your franchise appears at the right time. Based on the type of micro-moment, you will know what type of information to highlight in order to stand out from the competition.

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