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5 Incredibly Easy Digital Hacks for Retailers

We’re just wrapping things up in Nashville, where we attended the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly. At the event, the message was clear: things are shaking up big time in the retail space. We discussed how innovative marketing features can enhance retailers’ O2O funnels through listings and reputation management. What’s more, there’s a slew of options out there for retailers looking to quickly and effectively enhance their local presence.

So, pulling from all we’ve learned, here are some quick, easy-to-implement solutions to use while you work on your grand O2O attribution plan:

1. Add High-Quality Images to Your Listings

There’s no excuse for dark, dim images that look like they were captured by the world’s first digital camera. Your listings should have an alluring, stylish photo that says a bit about your brand and speaks to your target demographic. And if your consumers are a part of the Insta-crazed generation (which now has 700M users), stylish images are even more important.

2. Add A Catchy Description to Your Information on Key Directories

You can diversify your listing description to effectively speak to your customer base and give them the most appealing and accurate sense of who you are and what you do. Drumming up 100+ descriptions for each location might seem like a tall task — so in the meantime, think of how you can describe your business in two short, quippy lines. Imaging you were talking to someone about what you offer for a first time – what would you focus on? Use that as the inspiration for your description.

3. Get Online and Respond To Your Reviewers!

We know, we know: easier said than done! Engaged consumers actively speak about businesses on key directories, which can feel like a  blessing and a curse. Responding to reviews is key to preserving your brand’s legitimacy and showing that you care, and hopping on to say “thanks for stopping by and your kind words!” is a great way to create personal (albeit digital) connections with your clientele. Open lines of communication not only improve your online reputation, but help generate useful feedback for you to improve your business. Win-win.

4. Re-Target Searchers with In-Store Promotions

The possibilities of location data are endless. If you know where your searchers are (or have been!) you can serve them promotional ads related to specific inventory and promotions in nearby stories. Consider this: location data tells you that someone recently visited three nearby shoe stores, and that they are 25-35 years old. Through targeted advertising, you can serve your hottest shoe store deals to this ready-to-buy consumer.  

5. Geofence, Geofence…. Geofence!

Geofencing started as a novel trend and has evolved into a mainstay in the marketing playbook, and with good reason. By determining when certain consumers are entering or leaving your nearby area, you can offer them coupons and deals to draw them into your store to check out your offering. Geofencing is also great for the Snapchat generation: add custom-made geofence filters to Snapchat and show consumers you’re nearby while they’re Snapping their way around the city.


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