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Industry IQ: Amazon Go, Foursquare and Nielsen Partner, Google Changes its Look

Amazon invites shoppers to grab what they want and Go!

Amazon, the online retail giant, recently launched Amazon Go, a new grocery store concept where customers check in with their phones as they enter, shop for what they want and leave. No lines, no cash exchange. Amazon claims a combination of cameras, machine learning and sensors will be able to determine exactly what you’ve taken. They refer to their system as “Walk Out Technology”; once you walk out, your amazon account is charged. While customers will be able to purchase the same food they can find in any grocery store, Amazon touts they will have on-site chefs to prepare meals throughout the day and a variety of pre-assembled build-your-own-healthy meals for two. Currently, there is one 1800-square-foot store open to Amazon employees in downtown Seattle. Amazon notes the location will be open to the public in early 2017. Other Amazon Go locations are to be determined.

Foursquare and Nielsen partner for enhanced analytics 

The Wall Street Journal reported that measurement experts Nielsen and location data powerhouse Foursquare will team up to bridge the gap between online marketing and in-store purchases. Foursquare data, is available daily, giving marketers the advantage of real-time information to help shape their campaigns; in this partnership, Foursquare will provide information from one million willing and anonymous users, and Nielsen’s clients will have access to this information. Those clients who take advantage of the partnership will have access to the Foursquare statistics using a specific dashboard, as well as insights given by Foursquare analysts.

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Google changes its desktop look 

We informed you a month ago about mobile indexing outperforming desktop. In staying true to form, Google has shed its outdated desktop appearance for a new, more stylish, mobile approach with a feature called “top Stories”,which appears as three rectangular-shaped articles at the top of the screen. Previously, this section was referred to as “in the News”,with one main article with two or three smaller headlines below it. Google wants to keep its look identical, no matter where the user is accessing it from. Some argued this change was in response to the recent fake news fiasco, however Google states this change has been in the works for a few months.

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