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Digital Health Check! 3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Local Listings Management

Our Digital Health Check series is a way for us to make sure that every aspect of your local marketing strategy is on the right track. The web changes fast and complexly — but we’re here to help you stay on top of it. 

Last week we spoke about the strength of your local listings to make sure you’re fully optimized. This week, we’re discussing a few pieces of information you might not know are the cornerstone to your listing’s vitality. After all, knowledge is power!


1. When it Comes to Listings, Accuracy is Everything

If you’re on the market to optimize your local listings, you may have already noticed that there’s a few incorrect nuggets of information across various directories — perhaps a wrong phone number digit on Yelp, and an incorrect number in your zip code on your Facebook page.

The effect this can have on bringing online searchers into your stores is multifaceted. For starters, if a searcher wants to call your business to book an appointment, make a reservation or get a quote on a product and the phone number is incorrect, they’ll opt for one of your competitors instead. Even worse, you could suffer from the following consequences:

♦A reduction in ranking and traffic;
♦Reduced brand visibility;
♦Inability to promote new locations you’re offering;
♦Major time consumption trying to track all of the problems.

Essentially, you want to think of your listings as your online business card.  Imagine what it would be like if you handed over your card to a potential client, and the wrong email or phone number was written on the paper. Having incorrect information online is actually more damaging, as you only have seconds to impress a potential customer and get them to convert.

2. Listings Are The Key Ingredient to Micro-Moments

By now, you’re probably acclimatized to the idea that mobile-first thinking will bring your brand a long way in its digital marketing strategy. This is especially true when trying to market to web searchers who are looking for an immediate need: maybe it’s the nearest bank ATM, closest dumplings restaurant to them or dry cleaners, 96% of people rely on their mobile phones for answers.

What’s more, 30% of people who search for a need end up visiting a store location soon after. When you consider the fact that consumers are searching for what they want at an exact moment, making sure your listings information is not only present — but accurate and up-to-date — is necessary to bring online searchers into your stores.

3More Duplicates + More Problems = Fewer Customers

Duplicate listings are a big problem for many brands — especially franchises with hundreds or even thousands of locations. Other than sending Google mixed signals and therefore impacting your brand’s credibility and ranking, duplicate listings also have an impact on your rating and review scores. Consider this: if you’re collecting reviews on two different listings on one site, all of the information you’re accruing is being divided in half. And, since 81% of consumers consider reviews on their path to purchase, having a firm grasp on your incoming reviews is a key ingredient to your local marketing campaigns.

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