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Digital Health Check! How Strong Are Your Local Listings?

This is the first installment of our Digital Health check column, a series where we make sure you’re keeping up with the most important aspects of your local marketing strategy. Considering the fact that internet data travels almost at the speed of light (almost) — we figured a frequent health examination to make sure you’re still in the race is important. Let’s begin the session. 

Now, about those listings! Listings are the foundation to any successful local marketing strategy. You may have cleaned up all of your brand’s information on various directories and sites, but if you haven’t thought about it since, we need to reevaluate. Don’t fret — you might be in better shape than you think.

1. How Alluring Are Your Listings?

So, you did a big spring clean of your listings a few months ago. You have your address, store hours, and phone number on all of the most important directories for your business — good job. But do your listings offer a detailed, branded vision of your enterprise? If you present searchers with an appealing vision of your brand, they’ll be more enticed to convert.

First and foremost, make sure you have excellent, quality photographs across the board. Your profile photo on Google My Business is a start, and then decide where to channel your efforts based on the directories that are most relevant for your brand. If you’re a restaurant, for example, having an atmospheric image of a cozy dining room will convert better than a gallery of haphazard pictures collected across the web. Conversely, if you’re a dentist office, showing a photo of your pristine office and friendly staff is much more appealing than an exterior shot of your business on a gloomy day.

Now, complement that alluring imagery with a pointed description about what you offer. When crafting this message, consider the following: What are the key pillars of your brand? What tone do you use to speak to your target demographic? What is your main differentiating factor from other businesses in the area? Think about these things as you craft a punchy, impactful sentence.

2. How Often are You Refreshing Your Data?

If you’re a brand that has hundreds of locations, keeping up with the store hour changes, opening and closing, holiday hours and address changes — on all directories, no less — is a tall order. Accurate information has an immense impact on your findability and ranking. But that’s not all: we’ve noticed an upward trend of ranking and engagement with businesses who frequently refresh their data. In this sense, “data” goes beyond crunching numbers regarding address changes — by adding new photographs, posting holiday hour changes and revitalizing descriptions based on seasonality and publishing offers and coupons — you can witness an improvement in rankings.

3. What Tools Are You Using To Help Keep Your Listings Healthy?

You’re in the know about how important appealing and accurate listings are for your local marketing. Now’s the tricky part: how to execute? Marketing teams usually don’t have the bandwidth to take a task like this on — which is why it’s essential you have a centralized place to execute your campaigns. Your platform should also provide data on all of your brand’s listings so you can see what locations are garnering the most visibility, and make informed adjustments as needed. By harvesting important analytics about your local listings on directories across the board, you can create more intelligent, carefully targeted digital marketing campaigns. Essentially, get yourself a tool that will make listing management easy, and also provide the data and analytics for smart business decisions.

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