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A Story of Social Performance: Facebook Insights Marketers Need

The holiday shopping season’s inaugural kickoff is just a couple of days away (hello, Black Friday!) — and marketers are scrambling to get every last bit of attention across across the web. And when you consider the stats, you can’t be surprised why: Black Friday sales alone are expected to reach a whopping $3 billion (up 9.4% from last year, according to Forbes), so trying to get a sliver of the pie is a no-brainer.

The ultra-competitive landscape — especially as we reach crunch time — means you have to be extra savvy, especially when it comes to Facebook. It has become an advertising giant in the past few years, generating a cool 5.7 billion in ad revenue in just the second quarter this year. Not to mention the fact that the site boasts remarkable 1.79 billion active users across the world.

In order to cut through all of the noise and reach the right people, you need a strategic marketing campaign fueled by insights. Understanding the audience you have on each of your Facebook Pages will allow you to create highly-targeted, location-specific campaigns.

Facebook fun fact: On average, people in the US spend 40 minutes on Facebook per day.

Facebook Insights You Need for a Successful Campaign: 

♦Age Demographics
♦Clicks on Shared Content
♦Visits to Page
♦Post Reach

When you have this information about your Faceebook audience in your brand’s locations, you can run campaigns based on what sales a specific demographic might be interested in. For example, if your’e a home renovations franchise and you see your Age Demographics are consistently 35-45 across the directory, you have the insight to run a look alike campaign to reach new audiences in cities with store locations.

Facebook fun fact: “Six Degrees of Separation?” Nah! Facebook reported that within its own ecosystem, there is approximately 3.57 degrees of separation between each user.

Why Engaging Content is Key

Data on follows/unfollows, clicks on shared content and post reach allows you to gauge what type of content your audience finds most engaging, and consequently, what you should avoid. The methodology is simple: provide your audience with the type of content they enjoy most. Everyone’s competing for attention on Facebook, but if you have entertaining, share-worthy content — you’re setting yourself up for success. For instance, if you’ve used an infographic in the past that generated a record-breaking engagement rate, reuse the same format to advertise your holiday sales campaigns.

Likewise, if your audience tends to be highly engaged with images rather than text-heavy content, put your camera to good use! Depending on your demographic, this can be as simple as posting a thoughtfully-curated album of all of your best sales and putting some ad spend on it. If you’re targeting Millennials (91% of this demographic is on Facebook), remember that video is the way to their hearts.

Facebook fun fact: Engagement is 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

The most important thing to consider when using insights for intelligent marketing on Facebook is that it’s impossible to reach everyone. Huge impressions and visits to site aren’t the goal here, but instead, targeting the right people, at the right time, in the right way. If you can do that, you’ll blow that 9.4% increase from last year out of the water.

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