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Franchise Case Study: Familiprix

The unique marketing challenges that face franchisers are vast and varied. From brand consistency to location-based campaigns, striking the perfect balance of centralization and independence is no easy task. That’s where we come in.

When SweetIQ was tasked with helping Familiprix — a Canadian-based group consisting of over 320 pharmacies — develop a strong local marketing strategy, we started by developing a seamless, automated process for getting all locations listed. Like many franchises, each location in the Familiprix enterprise has a slightly different name, determined by the name of the location’s pharmacist.

SweetIQ’s Local Experts designed a custom solution to fit Familiprix’s needs, which would set the foundation for growing their online presence for all locations. This package included:

  • Local Search Analytics
  • SweetIQ’s Smart Network Listings Recommendations
  • Enhanced Listings with Google & Foursquare
  • Weekly Review Monitoring Updates
  • Monthly Reporting

SweetIQ delievered an API Integration, which allowed each pharmacist to update their listing on a custom-built database. This information would automatically be updated on the SweetIQ Local Marketing Hub, and pushed to listings and directories. Easy as that.

The results: 

  • Listing coverage grew from 29% to 86%
  • Volume of online reviews tripled
  • Business views increased by 320%
  • Listing accuracy inceased to 96%

SweetIQ’s automation process allowed for the creation of 5,250 listings across the web, allowing for a revitalized, thriving local presence for Familiprix and its franchisees.

To read more case studies like this, visit our page here.

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