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Industry IQ: GMB’s API 4.0 is All About Your Local Content

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GMB’s API 4.0 is All About Your Local Content

Did you hear about Google My Business’ latest API update? Businesses now can upload content to their GMB listings for searchers to see more current content, thanks to the new “Posts” feature, which is also available via third party providers. For franchises, individual owners can post to their specific store directly on the GMB interface.

Business owners can also subscribe to notifications to get an alert when reviews in specific locations have been updated. GMB’s latest update points to a specific effort to make their content more in-line with the social media consumer who favors fresh, visual content.

This latest update is on the heels of Snapchat’s new Context Cards, yet another move that proves the most powerful players in the web space are continually finding new ways to make their platforms cater to local crowds.  

Do You Want Facebook With That? New Food Ordering Service Arrives to Its Mobile App

Everyone’s favourite daily procrastination tool now comes with a side order of whatever you’re craving at any given moment!

Facebook formally announce a new feature last week for its mobile app that gives American users the ability to order delivery or take-out from some of their favourite restaurants.

Rather than trying to enter the growing world of online food ordering services as a competitor, the social network has partnered with existing companies (, EatStreet, etc.), as well as popular restaurant chains (Five Guys, Papa John’s, etc.), to maximize available options.

In addition to placing orders, the new feature will show reviews of each restaurant — presumably drawing from critiques that already exist on their respective pages — to make solving the “hmm… what do I want?” dilemma that much simpler.

The new feature comes after almost a year of testing and is currently only available in the United States. No word on when this will roll out to other countries.

Twitter Aims to Better User Experience With New Features

Speaking of new features announced last week, Twitter has unveiled two that are expected to change the way people consume current events on the social media platform: “Happening Now” and “Save For Later.”

Happening Now — which, quite literally, is happening now, given it was rolled out once the announcement was made — will give tweeps the enhanced ability to track events that are happening in real time. For now, the feature will focus on sporting events, which will appear in a row just above one’s news feed. When tapped, users will be directed to a feed related to said event and can track tweets specific to it as they come in.

Save For Later — (wow, they really nailed the naming/timing thing, as this feature will be rolled out at a later date) will give users the ability to bookmark tweets on any topic, in order to come back and view them later without having to wade through any new Tweets since it was written.

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