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Google’s Year in Search 2016

Th internet is performing a collective sigh looking back on the events of 2016. As we inch closer to 2017, we’re reflecting on the past 12 months, wondering what we did right, what we did wrong, and how we can improve for next year.

While we had to say goodbye to some legends — Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and Prince, to name a few — there were some high points, too. Especially in the world of local. Google released its Year in Search recently, and the proof is in the pudding: there’s reasons aplenty to crack a smile.

Here’s a few of our favorite top searches on Google from 2016.

In overall worldwide searches…

The number one search in the world was Pokemon Go. In July, the interactive gaming app took the world by storm. Remember seeing crowds of people huddled together in a park? Or walking through the grocery store looking to catch ‘em all? Pokemon Go had an immense impact on local marketers, urging businesses both big and small, from all industries, to get in the game — and lure Pokefans into their stores.

Second to Pokemon Go in overall search was — unsurprisingly — the ideal device in which to play the game: the iPhone 7. We’ve been preaching the importance of searches on mobile for a while now, and suspect that the majority of the “iPhone 7” searches occurred using yes, another iPhone. More mobile searching behavior = more wins for local.

Incase you missed it: read our guide to Pokemon Go here.

In global news…

The top three searches for news stories worldwide aren’t all that surprising: the US Election, Olympics, and Brexit, coming in at first, second and third respectively. 

The news of Britain departing from the EU a.k.a Brexit came as a shock to many: mainly because plenty of us foreigners (and perhaps locals, too?) didn’t entirely understand the implications of the result.

And, despite the millions of searches that occurred asking whether or not the Olympics should be held in Rio this year, the competition went off relatively smoothly. Although Ryan Lochte — Google’s 10th most searched person of the year — might disagree.

In consumer tech…

Mobile ruled the top 10 consumer tech searches on Google this year. The top five searches were as follows: iPhone 7, Freedom 251, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and Google Pixel. We were surprised to see the groundbreaking Mac not top the list, but no item seems to be quite as cherished as our handheld devices!

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