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How to Prepare For Mother’s Day Shoppers

After the holiday season and Valentine’s day, the retail space awaits the next big event: Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is nearly a month away, and while may retailers are inclined to plaster “find the perfect gift for mom!” on their window and call it a day, there are more sophisticated marketing strategies your business can deploy to get the most out of this high-traffic opportunity.

Let’s begin with some inspiring  stats that prove Mother’s Day is well-worth your marketing resources. (See the full list of stats on CMO.com)

  1. Mother’s Day spending has reached approximately $20 billion in the past 2 years
  2. US consumers spent an average of $173 on Mother’s Day gifts last year
  3. Only 3 in 10 consumers buy gifts online for the holiday; the rest rely on brick-and-mortar
  4. 33% of shoppers plan to go to a department store, while 23% will venture to a small business

When it comes to planning any holiday campaign, your local data is the best  partner in crime. This is especially true for Mother’s Day -you need to target your campaigns to a specific type of buyer and a specific type of product offering. As such, insights generated from your local listings will help you strategize at the brand level, or the location level. Leverage these to determine how to launch campaigns  targeting a specific type of consumer and on what platform.

Find Out Which Search and Discovery Sites Are Getting Your Business Found

If your Local Marketing Hub shows high traffic on Bing, but minimal traffic on Google this  consistent climb in foot-traffic could be a results of optimization for Bing.  Go deeper into the data and identify  who Bing’s typical demographic is (age and income) is information to better target the consumer traffic you’re generating.  Conversely, if insights derived from your Facebook listings show the most traffic and highest conversion rate (such as action clicks to call, or visit your site), you may want think about catering your in-store campaigns to match the Facebook demographic.

In short, if you know how people are finding you — and who they are — you’ll be better prepared once they reach your doorstep.

To learn more about turning insights into action for a holiday campaign, read this story.

Cater To Your Searchers With Smart Campaigning

Now that you know more about your local demographic, think critically about their buying habits and launch campaigns accordingly. For example, if your search volume is high for searchers in the 18-24 range, you can posit that their budget may be less than a more established demographic. As a result, you could offer an added incentive and emphasize your blowout Mother’s Day deals. Think of this: you could run a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, offering 50% off your “gifts for mom”, and perhaps even an extra sale for products in the target age range as well. One gift for mom, one gift for you, one great deal.

Capitalize on Heavy Foot Traffic to Create Valuable UGC

Businesses who are not in the retail space have a unique opportunity to appeal to the Mother’s Day crowd on this holiday. The trend of experiential gifts — rather than material goods — is growing by the minute, and businesses such as spas, salons and restaurants are likely to be full with people celebrating their Mom. If you don’t capitalize on this potential foot traffic to generate content, you’re missing a key opportunity.

Why not encourage your customers to share their spa day experience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat with your business’ dedicated hashtag? Incite customers to share with a 15% voucher to come back again next month. Not only do you help develop a ton of content that you can use for weeks to come, you’re growing your repeat customer rate. Two birds, one stone.

Our last tip? No matter what type of business you are — experiment with a branded Snapchat geofilter around your store during Mother’s Day extravaganzas. Have your geofilter made to embody your unique brand — and let your customers do the advertising for you.


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