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Humility & Hustle Mark the 2018 SweetIQ Annual Awards

‘Tis the season for company holiday parties all over the globe. For the SweetIQ team, however, the annual event isn’t just about a great meal or sharing a laugh or two with our colleagues: it’s also when we have our annual awards ceremony to recognize standout employees. Though our organization has expanded significantly in the past couple of years, becoming apart of the ReachLocal family and operating within the Gannett umbrella, there are a few “startup” traditions that we hold near and dear. The annual awards is one of them. Here’s who we applauded this year. 

First up… The Peer Awards

The peer awards are for employees who go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis, voted by members of each department.

Peers have a unique perspective — they see our best and worst moments, see us shine and struggle, support each other and burn the midnight oil. Recognition from your peers comes with a deep understanding of the blood, sweat and tears poured into your work, every day.

For this year’s awards, an appreciation of the quiet hustle was evident through many winners, with colleagues choosing to praise their humble counterparts for work diligently delivered, great attitudes, and immeasurable skill. Matt Nemitz, Paul-André Cochlette, Jerome Treignier and Laura Bellanger exemplify each of these skills that make up the perfect teammate.

Peer Awards Winners

SweetIQ Annual Awards 2018 Peer Awards Winners

The Peer Awards also highlighted strong leadership, whether that’s teammates who have emerged as natural leaders over the year like Yasmine Mansour and Colleen McNamara, or team leads who have taken their teams to the next level as was the case with Fabien Rogeret, Will Rodriguez, Alex Beauchemin, and Antoine L’Heureux.

Notable wins for excelling beyond their given responsibilities go to Anthony Somos for spearheading the CodingIQ initiative this year where non-developers are taught the basics of coding in friendly and customized after-work courses, and Andrew Larbi who is leading a project to bring micro-work to the Ghanaian community.

Women dominated the Sales category for the first year ever, with Rookie Sales Rep of the Year going to Jacquie Walker and Rachel Gill taking home the Sales Rep of the Year Award for 2018.

Jacquie Walker, Rachel Gill receive Annual Sales Awards. Pablo Fernandez Busch receives Head Coach Award.

Jacquie Walker, Rachel Gill receive Annual Sales Awards. Pablo Fernandez Busch receives Head Coach Award.

And now for The Leaders’ Awards…!

The Leaders’ Awards, voted by the executive team, recognizes employees for their standout contribution to living the SweetIQ values, through and through.

The praise for technical leadership continued with the Head Coach Award going to Pablo Fernandez Busch, celebrated for balancing his superior technical skills with a passion for coaching and developing others. Matt Lewis was granted the Einstein award for his refusal to accept the status quo, leading his team to continuously push the envelope, develop new processes and optimize workflows.

The famous “Get Sh*t Done Award”, went to Clothilde Michaud – who was at the helm of a significant software migration this summer. Serena Porrello was the recipient of the Rising Star Award and Yassmin Khalifa took home the Unsung Hero Award; both team members demonstrated praiseworthy tenacity in the days leading up to the launch of LOCALiQ.  Likewise, Renilda De Dios, who took home the Customer-Obsessed Award, shows her dedication to a special sub-set of our platform users every single day, as she single-handedly manages our community and all their needs.

2018 Leaders' Award Winners

Clothilde Michaud – Get Sh*t Done Award; Serena Porrello – Rising Star Award; Yassmin Khalifa – Unsung Hero Award

The final award of the night went to someone whose ability to collaborate effortlessly from team to team, take initiative beyond the scope of her responsibilities, and bring strategic thinking and empathy to every decision ultimately makes her the unicorn of employees: Gwladys Engels! Gwladys received the Unicorn Award of 2018, giving us all a north star for being a truly stellar teammate.

Gwladys Engels wins the Unicorn of the Year Award 2018

Gwladys Engels wins the Unicorn of the Year Award 

Want to work with the talented team here at SweetIQ? Check out our openings in Montreal and beyond.

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