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Industry IQ: Amazon Brings a New Meaning to “Cloud Storage”

Facebook Was 2016’s Top App 

Nielsen released its year-end most used app statistics, and Facebook, once again, topped the list with a user base that rose %14 from last year. Facebook now averages a staggering 146 million unique users per month. After Facebook, number two was Messenger; Number three, Youtube; followed by Google maps and search. Instagram, the photo sharing app owned by Facebook, came in at Number eight.

Amazon Patents Cloud Storage – Literally

An ambitious Amazon patent was recently discovered from two years ago. The patent is for a large airship, referred to as an “Airborne Fulfillment Center” (AFC), that would store inventory and serve as a central hub for Amazon’s drone delivery service. AFC’s would hover at about 45,000 feet, 10,000 feet higher than typical airline travel. Other Amazon patents include multi-use stations, to be used as drone landing platforms attached to buildings or lamp posts, as well as drone defence measures against “malicious persons”.

Volkswagen Purchases Canadian Parking App Company

This past week, German automaker Volkswagen purchased Vancouver company PayByPhone. While based in Canada, the company operates in the US, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Australia. Last year, PayByPhone processed 250 million dollars in parking payments from its 12.5 million users. PayByPhone has plans to expand their services to ridesharing and autonomous vehicle service. The Vancouver company states its commitment to quality, one-to-one customer service is their greatest asset.


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