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Industry IQ: Changes Coming to Google AdWords in June and a Not-So-Appetizing Mother’s Day Ad

Updated “Enhanced CPC” (ECPC) Bidding on its Way To Google Adwords

Google’s latest update to its ECPC (Enhanced Cost Per Click) feature could be a major time-saver for digital marketers — but it might also blow unwillingly blow your budget. The update, announced late last week, will allow your campaigns to be automatically adjusted based off of the likelihood of conversions from various audiences in various locations. Previously, ECPC capped the maximum spend to automatically adjusted campaigns to 30% over initial bid, but with the newest update, there will be no maximum restriction. While Google admits that this update could impact your overall spend, they say they’ll try to keep marketer’s budgets at bay “over time.” Read the full story on Search Engine Land or see more details on the Google AdWords support page.

Photoshop Things You Don’t Like Out of Your Snaps

Ever since last week’s exciting announcement of our brand new partnership with Snapchat, it’s safe to say that we’ve had Snapping on our brains. The app’s newest features have made that even more exciting with a tool that allows users to “erase” items from a photo by the touch of a finger. The “Magic Eraser” button (similar to the clear Crayola markers that once ruled your colouring kit) can remove unwanted items you choose to blur out with your finger. Once you “paint” over the object, Snapchat photoshops it automatically to fit the aesthetic of the image. Other features recently released include “Infinity Snaps” with no time limit, and “looping videos.” Read about all of Snap’s coolest new features on TechCrunch.

Taste the Rainbow, or… um… run from it?!

Marketers have a special gift when it comes to providing consumers with entertaining ads during much-anticipated holidays. This weekend, while most were out celebrating their leading woman for Mother’s Day, the team at Skittles was having second-thoughts about their characteristically absurd advertisement featuring a grown man attached to his mother by an umbilical cord. While audiences have grown used to the quirkiness of the “taste the rainbow” advertisement, the umbilical-cord-turned-skittles-vessel apparently went too far for some. Skittles opted to take down the advertisement after all, and, speaking to AdWeek, Matt Montei of Wrigley U.S. notes, “We made this video for every mom who likes gross jokes, and we’re taking it down for every mom who doesn’t…Happy Mother’s Day.”

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