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Industry IQ: Could the Days of Charging your iPhone Soon be Gone?

Google Maps App now includes more information around your location

Google Maps recently updated their app to provide a more comprehensive understanding of your destination. Currently only available on Android, when a user taps “places”, “driving” or “transit” and swipes up, a slew of pertinent information appears at their fingertips, including local traffic, transit schedules, places to eat or drink, ATMs, pharmacies, etc. Business images as well as neighborhood descriptions will also be available. While users were able to access this information before, google wanted their app more streamlined and focused for users, the goal being to add location-based, helpful, everyday info.

Could the days of charging your iPhone soon be gone?

This morning, TechCrunch reported that you can find Apple’s name listed on the Wireless Power Consirtum’s website. The partnership heightens rumors that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will feature wireless charging. TechCrunch asserts that the hesitation to adopt this new feature in the past was due to unrealiable technology: batteries often became too hot, effectively damaging the device in the long run. Whether or not this feature will be adopted to all iPhone 8 models or a “Pro” version is unclear, but we’re looking forward to letting the battery die on the days scrounging for the nearest power source.

Snap meets Amazon in the clouds 

Thanks to tech giants like Google and Amazon, the cloud traffic in the sky is rather getting heavy, and it’s about to get even more intense. We learned from Reuters that the ephemeral photo sharing tool (that’s evolved into much more) is primed to spend $1 billion on Amazon clouds services over the next five years. Snap already has a $2 billion cloud contract with Google, and may consider building their own cloud infastructure. The company officially filed for its much-anticipated IPO a couple of weeks ago, in hopes of raising a cool $3 billion. They say the sky’s the limit!

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