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Industry IQ: Facebook Messenger to Test Ads, The Secret to Franchise Success and More

Facebook Messenger launches Ads

Messenger, last year’s second most popular app will begin testing ads in Australia and Thailand in the coming weeks. The ads will appear under the “favorites” section and display quite prominently but will not interfere with your conversation, unless you have clicked one and have begun a chat with the specific brand. Facebook assures businesses are looking forward to the new opportunity to market to the one-billion users Messenger currently has. They also note that users are in control of their experience and can hide or report any ads of their choosing and that they will not rush this feature into production without proper testing and feedback.

The Secret to Franchise Growth, According to Arby’s

In a recent interview, Arby’s CEO Paul Brown shared some franchise wisdom after the company saw the first physical growth in 8 years with an increase of 60 new locations. Brown cites a long series of product introductions, items that are not normally found in fast-food locations, to be one key factor. Brown also gives major credit to pairing a product with a specific time of year, in this case, hunting season, which was marketed with a highly-focused local campaign. Brown’s secret to growing a franchise – get the unit economics to a compelling point, which gets people excited about the brand. In other words, keep the focus on the customer to keep them coming back, and people will follow! 

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Let’s take a stroll in Bangkok park…?

While Google Map errors are not an uncommon sight, anyone who wanted to virtually visit Bangkok, Thailand on Google Maps this week was treated to a relaxing, yet incorrect sight. Google may have mistakenly redrew the borders of the country’s Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, changing the massive city’s color to green. Green in Google Maps represents grass, which made Bangkok one gigantic park. The error has since been fixed, and Google is making it up to its map users by helping them find parking when in need. 

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