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Industry IQ: Google’s Affiliate Location Extension and E-Commerce at Facebook, Johnson & Johnson’s Stellar O2O Campaign

Monday = news day. This week’s top stories tell you what’s happening in local marketing, tech, and other hot topics from the digital sphere. 

Affiliate Location Extension on Google Now Available in the US

In an announcement posted on Google+ last Thursday, Google revealed the search engine’s new affiliate location extension capability. This is a breakthrough moment for manufacturers who sell their product at third-party retailers, as they can now specify the nearest locations to find the item being searched by a consumer. You can set up this feature easily in AdWords; all you need to do is select “affiliate locations” within the Ad extensions tab and select the stores your product can be found. The catch? The brand’s location data must be accurate and up-to-date for advertisers to truly reap the benefits of this feature. The affiliate location extension will be rolled out over the next two weeks across the US.

Google framed the announcement by noting how important it is for digital marketers to capitalize on “micro-moments”, which we discuss in detail here.

Facebook Advances E-Commerce Efforts with Latest Features

Ever broadcast a question to your Facebook network such as: “hey gang! where can I find the best dumplings in New York City?” Facebook’s newest “Recommendations” feature will ensure your request appears in the News Feed of your pals, and suggestions you receive will be automatically be added to maps and bookmarked. And that’s not it: you can also make purchases right from a business’s Facebook Page, request appointments via MyTime, get quotes for professional services, and even buy movie and concert tickets. Read the full scoop on TechCrunch.

Johnson & Johnson Ramps Up O2O, Sees Multi-Million Return

On Friday, Johnson & Johnson’s CMO, Alison Lewis, revealed the incredible success of a recent O2O campaign executed by the company, during her presentation at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida. Lewis discussed J&J’s “brick-and-mortar legacy” and the company’s objective to innovate in the digital space. J&J launched a campaign around the skincare product Neutrogena after collecting data from in-store loyalty cards that revealed consumers predominantly only purchased one product (such as face wash), instead of a multi-product skin care package. This data was leveraged for a display campaign featuring product pairings, which reached 18.1 million households, generated 83 million impressions, and returned $5.84 million on ad spend, blowing previous benchmarks out of the water by 189%. Lewis summed up the importance of the O2O marketing space perfectly, “Offline will still be a significant portion of our sales, but growth online will double… consumers still want the physical but they operate on the digital.” 

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