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Industry IQ: Google’s New Service, Apple Maps Gets Better, and How to Delete Your Web Presence

Google My Business implements messaging service

A few select businesses were invited to test out Google’s new messaging service that allows a client to contact the business directly from their Google page. Google’s help document mentions only a business which received an invitation from Google will be able to test it and that the service is in real-time, as businesses are required to either use SMS messaging or Google’s FaceTime competitor, Allo. Though Google Allo can be used on a desktop/laptop computer, the help document suggests to download it from the play/app store. This could be an attempt by Google to get a second momentum for the app.

Apple to use drones and indoor data to enhance maps

Bloomberg recently reported that Apple received FAA approval to begin using drones to further compete with Google maps. At this point drones are not permitted to fly over people or buildings but could be extremely useful identifying areas of construction or avoiding major traffic. Apple currently uses iBeacons, a technology we’ve discussed before, to map high-volume areas, such as shopping malls and airports. Apple plans to incorporate this indoor data to Apple Maps sometime next year.

Delete your entire web presence with the click of a mouse

Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck made unsubscribing or deleting yourself from the web simple and straightforward. The site asks you to sign in with your Google account. From there, it presents you with a list of every service, social media and email group you’ve signed up for with that Google account. You then choose to either keep your account, clicking a paperclip icon, or adding it to a delete queue by clicking the pin icon. While the free service does indeed help organize all of your web contacts and accounts, it does not do the actual deleting. Once you select an account to delete in the queue, it will take you to the service’s login page, where you will be required to login and actively remove yourself from your sites of choice.

Google makes it easy to ensure your site is mobile friendly

Google recently revamped their mobile-friendly tool to be as easy to use as Google itself. All you have to do is enter your businesses URL, confirm you’re not a robot, and Google will analyze the page for you in a matter of seconds. The link itself is mobile friendly, meaning you can try it out on your smartphone. We certainly do not need to remind you of how important mobile sites are, and Google’s newest effort ensures that your business site is ready to be accessed easily and on the go.


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