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Industry IQ: Google’s Your New Parking Guide, TripAdvisor’s New Listings and More

Snapchat partners with Oracle for targeted advertising

Snapchat recently partnered with Oracle, the big data supplier to Google and Facebook, to give advertisers more accuracy when marketing to users. Using a process referred to as “Hashing”, Snapchat will match people who are filtered through Oracle’s organization process based on email accounts and Snapchat’s proprietary advertising identifiers. The ads will target specific interests, such as “cosmetics” or “consumer tech.” Honda, Kia, The Honest Company and STX Entertainment are the first to experiment with the new feature.

TripAdvisor adds Premium Listings and Advantages

This week TripAdvisor launched two programs in an effort to boost subscriptions. The first is an enhanced listing feature, known as “Premium for Restaurants.” A premium listing will allow restaurants to post a review of their choice at the top of the page. They are also privy to an enhanced analytics package and live phone support. The second program is called ”Business Advantage” for hotels. Much like restaurants, hotels are permitted to highlight a review of their choice. Hotels will benefit from a powerful analytics suite, offering insights on traveler, engagement and competitor data.

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Google introduces parking notifications

The Google Maps app is rolling out a new parking notification feature for Beta Android users. Once a location is selected, a white “P” in a red circle will appear, displaying the probability of parking, with either “easy”, “medium” or “limited”. Once the directions are queued up, the parking notification is shown at the top reflecting any of the three aforementioned parking probabilities.

DuckDuckGo hits 10 Billion searches

One of the leaders of online privacy, DuckDuckGo announced it had reached a milestone 10 billion searches since their start in 2008. They claim that four billion of that total happened in 2016, and had their most successful day of 14 million on january 10. DuckDuckGo believes that users are consistently looking to lighten their digital footprint, citing a Pew Research Center 2015 study that highlighted the attitudes of 498 people, 66% of which believed their activity tracked by search engine providers would not remain private or secure.

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