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Industry IQ: Instagram’s new ad feature, Yelp metrics, Snap’s search bar and more.

Instagram introduces ads into your stories and analytics for your business

This week, Instagram began rolling out ads in the “stories” section of the app. Instagram introduced the stories section back in August in order to compete with Snapchat’s similar feature. The new ads will soon be available to all businesses, though they are first being tested for a group of 30 partners, including Capital One, General Motors, Nike and Netflix. The decision to implements ads is to capitalize on the milestone number of 150 million active accounts daily who use the Stories feature, half of the app’s total users. After watching about three stories, a full-screen, five-second photo or 15 second video will appear with sound 70 percent of the time and “sponsored” printed at the bottom.  Ad insights for businesses, “Stories Insights, include the reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual ad.

Yelp and LiveRamp work together to measure direct impact of digital advertising

Online review behemoth Yelp recently partnered with LiveRamp, a digital identity resolution company, to track the brick and mortar effectiveness of Yelp ads. Discount Tire volunteered for the project in August and September of last year. The results were a dramatic 15:1 return, to which Yelp claimed their conclusion is proof towards their ads’ effectiveness.

Waze offers traffic data to marketers

Google-owned Waze, the crowdsourced, navigation app is planning to become a valuable tool in the field of location-based marketing. With a 65-million user database to draw from in more than 185 countries, Waze believes that this year will see an increase in data personalization. Using existing technologies, triangulating location data is error-prone to approximately three-quarters of a mile. Because Waze collects its user-supplied information in large groups and focuses on repeat behaviors, it can further aid brands to interact with their customers in a more targeted, personalized way. Data personalization is one aspect of highly targeted local campaigns, something we predicted for 2017.

Snap adds a search bar to its app, a win for advertisers 

Snap, the ubiquitous photo-sharing app added an omnipresent search bar, located at the top of the screen. The feature appears only 4 months after Snap purchased mobile search startup Vurb, which recently shut down. While discovering new and interesting content on snapchat has been a consistent complaint, the new search bar is a welcome component as well as a new potential venue for advertisers, which could possibly allow for a “sponsored” selection In the future. The new search is noticeable on select Android accounts and will appear on all Android and iOS accounts in the near future.

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