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Industry IQ: Playing Pac-Man on Google Maps

Google Maps Meets Pac-Man For April Fools Day 

Let’s call it Pac-Man: “World Edition.According to The Verge, Google Maps treated users to something a little extra on their maps app this year for April Fools Day. Here’s how it worked: if you opened your app, you’d discover a pink button on the top right corner of your screen. Afterward, you would be directed to a map — anywhere in the world — where you were granted five lives to outrun the tricky ghosts. Anyone else hoping this “prank” could turn into a real thing? We sure are!

Brands Can Now Enhance Their Presence on Facebook

You know what they say: “content is king!” Taking action on this widespread marketing mantra (even more so than usual), Facebook is now expanding its branded content offering for businesses, allowing pages that are not “verified” to run branded content campaigns. In other words, page owners don’t have to go through multiple steps to promote their branded content — now they can simply fill out an easy online application to get access to the must-have tool. To keep users happy, and in the effort of being transparent, Facebook is also making moves to ensure the branded content posts are signified by a loud and clear “paid” tag to all content. Check out to find out more info.

New App Moodelizer Will Change the UGC Game — For The Better 

Video content is all the rage for brands and consumers alike, and now that we have the high-quality camera nailed down (and the filters, no less), it’s time to think about that key — yet often forgotten — aspect: the audio! In comes Moodelizer, a new program that will help you add music easily to any type of video content. You simply apply it to your content of choice, and pick your track(s). The best part? They come unmixed, and you can try your hand at mixing your own beat to your shareable activity. Download it here.

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