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Industry IQ: Softbank’s CEO Says Robot Population Will Outnumber Humans in 30 Years

Masayoshi Son Gives Futuristic Keynote Speech at Mobile World Conference 

If you’re one who fears the inevitable arrival of robots, you might not want to grab a drink with Masayhoshi Son anytime soon. Son gave a keynote speech at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this morning, where he asserted a proliferation of super-intelligent species is on the horizon: “There will be many kinds. Flying, swimming, big, micro, running, two legs, four legs, 100 legs,” reports TechCrunch. Son’s address doubled as a plea to investors, to help him raise the world’s biggest VC fund — the Softbank Vision Fund — which already includes Apple and Oracle. Son urged that the emergence of AI species can help protect human life, if used in “good spirits.”

Ethnography Researcher Encourages Brands To Critically Think About Mobile Ordering & Pickup Process 

You know the feeling: you’re standing in line, waiting for lunch, and someone bursts through the door, grabs their lunch from one of the smiling staff and gets on their way. “This is unjust” you think. “What am I doing wrong?” Ethnography researcher James Glassnapp urges brands to ensure that mobile ordering that allows you to skip the line on arrival doesn’t have an adverse affects for brands, when implemented thoughtfully. “When we move out of the physical space to the technological one, how is the concept of a ‘line’ asserted by a customer who can’t actually see the line?'” Using Starbucks as an example brands should follow, he notes that an accurate wait time on the app is key; estimates should be accurate to ensure trust is maintained from app users. He also notes that mobile-ordering apps must — and this is vital — ensure existing customer-ordering streams go unaffected. In other words, don’t interrupt the regular in-store flow. Read his full report on Venture Beat.

Facebook Live: Longer Streams = More Engagement? That’s a Yes, According to Marketing Land 

Facebook Live’s latest update focuses on “percentage completion“, which attempts to determine which videos engaged viewers, measurable by how long users watched the content from beginning to end. Research by Marketingland shows that 20-minute long videos bring the highest possibility of engagement for brands. Why 20 minutes? Well, it’s recommended by the almighty powerful people of Facebook themselves: when you consider how long it might take users to find your video stream, plus how long they have to feel inspired to share, and the time users usually spend on the platform — there you have your magic 20-minute number. Considering that Facebook plans to focus predominantly on video in the next few years, marketers should start testing the Facebook live videos immediately.

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