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Industry IQ: GMB Adds Important Icon to their Listings and Twitter Beats Facebook for MLS Streaming Rights

Google Adds New Icon for My Business Users in Honour of International Women’s Day

Last week, Google celebrated International Women’s Day by upgrading their My Business feature, paying homage to women all over the world.

If your business is owned, led, or founded by women, you can now add a specific “women-led” attribute to your Google My Business listing. All you have to do to showcase the new update front-and-centre is simply go to your “info” section and click on the new attribute.

The icon and label appears right alongside other attributes like “outdoor seating” and “air-conditioned.” It acts as another vehicle to showcase your business to local search engine users and push them towards choosing your business out of the gamut of options online.

The announcement also came with a few inspiring stories of women excelling in business, and breaking the mold of traditional norms and expectations. You can read their stories here.

Another Round of Layoffs for Snapchat

It’s no secret that Snapchat has been struggling as of late and have experienced several cutbacks already this year.

The company announced last week that they would be undergoing their fourth round of cuts — this time laying off nearly 100 engineers. Although that number might not seem substantial, considering they employ close to 3,000 people, it still represents 10% of their company’s engineering team.

It hasn’t been an easy road during Snapchat’s first year as a public company. The social media platform has been outperformed by Instagram and it’s more appealing “stories” feature. Not to mention, Snap’s latest mobile update has been met by a mixed response, with the majority of users disliking the new look.

It’s still early, but Snap will need to right the ship soon if it wants to remain relevant in the social media landscape.


Twitter Wins the MLS Live-streaming Sweepstakes

In an effort to stay toe-to-toe with Facebook, Twitter recently inked an important three-year deal with Major League Soccer (MLS). The company will now be able to live stream an estimated 25 soccer matches in both Spanish and English.

The deal comes on the heels of Facebook earning the rights to stream 25 Major League Baseball games on its Watch platform. It’s also a critical win for Twitter, as they’ve had a string of bad luck trying to sign partnership deals in the past — namely, the Golden Globes’ red carpet and the National Football League’s Thursday Night Football broadcast.

Twitter has partnered with MLS before, but what makes this partnership interesting is the fact that, last season, Facebook was the one broadcasting those games.

So, it looks like this time around Twitter bested one of the largest and most influential social networking platforms in the world.

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