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Google doesn’t want you to look like a lost tourist

Say goodbye to that pesky blue dot, Google Maps users! Recently, Google announced that they’re making traveling from Point A to Point B on foot a seamless experience. The new Google Maps leverages a Visual Positioning System to enable exact positioning for users for improved accuracy. Most interestingly, as users navigate, the map will identify local landmarks along the way, posing a unique local search opportunity for brands targeting tourists or business travelers. The update comes in the wake of Google’s next generation Google Maps API, which is cause for concern for many multi-location businesses.

Love meets Local as Tinder and Foursquare team up 

Ever have trouble deciding the perfect spot to meet your newest love interest? Tinder and Foursquare have teamed up to take indecisiveness out of the dating equation. The Foursquare and Tinder partnership, dubbed “Tinder Places” matches users on the Tinder application based off of their favorite local hangouts, whether that’s a park, art gallery or arcade. This way, users automatically have a shortlist of places to meet, and better yet, know they have something in common, right off the bat. Peter Krasniqi, VP of Global Enterprise & Business Development at Foursquare, wrote on the company’s Medium page, “The partnership showcases yet another innovative way that our technology can change the way digital and real-life experiences intersect.” The feature is currently being tested in Australia and Chile.   

Yelp introduces “Collections” to enhance user experience 

Last week, Yelp launched its brand new “Collections” feature, built to improve user experience with three distinct capabilities. Now, Yelp users will receive an automated weekly roundup of local businesses they should check out – based off of their previous Yelp activity. Collections also offers unique local categories for an improved browsing experience based off of interests. For example, users can browse “eclectic coffee shops in LA”, and save this Collection. Once the collection is saved, the user will receive automated notifications when there is any interesting new activity. In a nod to Pinterest, users can also build and save their own Collections — perfect for planning a trip, or providing recommendations to friends on the places they love. Read more about it on the Yelp blog.  

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