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Industry IQ: Bite-Sized Broadcast News Succeeding, Google Makes FAQ Building Simpler

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Millions of Snapchat Users Staying Tuned to NBC’s Platform-Specific Programming

Just one month in, NBC News’s daily Snapchat program Stay Tuned has already drawn 29 million unique viewers, according to the American network’s parent company.

The new minutes-long program — Snapchat’s first and only daily news show thus far — appears to be effectively getting through to the app’s younger audience. Over 60% of Stay Tuned’s viewership is under the age of 25, with 40% watching at least three times a week.

Each episode packs in four or five bite-sized versions of everything from national and international news to pop culture and sports.

This new format signals a potential shift in the way news is presented to social media users. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that programs of Stay Tuned‘s ilk could also end up on Facebook or Twitter before long. While it’s hard to project whether NBC or any newcomers can sustain this model, the initial numbers are promising.

You’ve Got Questions, Google Maps’ Latest Feature Has Answers

Google Maps’ new Questions and Answers feature — in which customers, both existing and prospective, can inquire directly to local businesses from within their listings, as well as view commonly asked questions  — has officially gone live for all Android and iOS users (via the Maps app and mobile Safari).

The new feature, which initially launched only for Android users on August 11, gives businesses the ability to respond to customer questions and post public responses, this allows them to build their own makeshift FAQ to complement  their location info. Responders even have the option of ranking question/answer combos based on which ones they want to appear first.

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Application Appetites: Majority of Americans Download No New Apps Each Month

According to comScore’s 2017 U.S. Mobile Apps report, just over half (51%) of all American smartphone and tablet users do not download a new app every month. While apps still reign supreme as far as consumers’ digital habits are concerned, it seems getting people interested to new apps proving to be the greatest challenge right now.

However, as generations continue to shift, that number will likely change. Millennials (18–34) currently account for most of the49% who do download new apps, while interest older age groups are more stagnant.

Perhaps even more fascinating, though, is that Millennials are willing to shell out for their apps. Close to 70% are fine with paying for them and nearly half make at least five in-app purchases every year. With habits like those, the best is yet to come for new app designers.

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