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IndustryIQ: YouTube Primed to Become Best of the US

Sharon Rowlands Talks Digital Transformation with Adweek 

Marketers know that reaching their intended audience can be challenging in and of itself. But the true test of a strong brand is whether or not you can engage meaningfully with your customers. This week, Sharon Rowlands discussed what business need to do to grab (and keep!) the attention of younger audiences in a feature by Adweek. Rowlands stressed the importance of telling your business’ story in relation to news events; the marriage of relevance and authenticity is what demographics with buying power truly connect with. It might seem like a tall order, but brands who implement this into their content strategies will reap the rewards. For more of Rowlands’ expert insights, check out the video here.

YouTube Primed to Become Leading Site in the US 

A year back, the battle of the techies narrative was dominated by Zuckerberg vs. Snapchat’s Evan Spiegal. But experts are saying that with Snapchat’s slowdown, and Facebook’s user plateau in North America, YouTube is on pace to become the most used website in the United States. As Facebook may lose its throne, advertisers who have been slow to adopt the increasingly vital video advertising trend might want to brush up on their knowledge. Only time will tell if YouTube beats out Facebook – but healthy competition that results in digital innovation is always good news for marketers!

Facebook Stocks Drop Rapidly – Then Rise Again 

Remember last week when Facebook reported a 120B loss, that took the internet by storm? It was Facebook’s most dismal day on the stock market since their IPO in 2012. But the Facebook naysayers were met with believers in the platform, who argue that the company’s dominance is hard to compete with.

Let’s be honest: 2.4 billion users is pretty impressive. Fast forward just one week later, and Facebook has regained traction and street credit on Wall Street for financial partnerships apparently on the horizon. According to MarketsInsider, this move is intended to make Facebook features like Marketplace, where Facebook users buy and sell products in the area.

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