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Industry IQ: Facebook Usage Down, Snapchat Ups In-App Commerce, and Bing Rolls Out Audience Segmentation

Results of News Feed Tweak Could Be Concerning for Facebook

Don’t look now, but Facebook is having a rough go of things since their recent implementation of tighter regulations over what gets displayed in users’ news feeds.

The decision to change came on the heels of a controversial 2016 U.S. presidential election, in which fake news and propaganda tactics were rampant on the popular social media platform.

Mark Zuckerberg’s goal, since that time, has been to overhaul Facebook in an effort to make it more personal and more about building connections between its users. While his efforts are admirable, there has been a steep decline in usage — overall usage has dropped by roughly 50 million hours every day.

What’s worse, the company failed to reach the 60% profit increase target anticipated by investors. While those are hard numbers to ignore, however, Zuckerberg remains confident in his company.

How much this change will continue to impact Facebook going forward remains to be seen, but the message to the company is clear: no matter how popular your service is, people aren’t always receptive to change.

Snapchat’s New Snap Store Presents Opportunities Galore for Retailers

snapchat storeSnapchat may have just become an even more invaluable asset to brands seeking to expand their reach to Gen-Z customers.

Already able to support ads, the social platform will now host an in-app e-commerce store called Snap Store. Users will be able to purchase fan-favourite items such as the Dancing Hot Dog Plushie and a Dog Lens T-Shirt at $20 and $30, respectively.

Snap Store will serve as a showcase of sorts, in order to show brands that in-app e-commerce is feasible and that it can be yet another way to connect with consumers. It’s all about the seamless shopping experience, so if they can prove their platform works for commerce, it could be a potential goldmine.

Although the company undoubtedly hopes the new feature can be profitable, their goal isn’t necessarily to generate a significant revenue stream from this new feature. Time will tell if the Snap Store becomes a star product for Snap.

Bing Amps Up their Ads Platform with Audience Segmentation

Typically, when you think of ad performance measurements, AdWords and Facebook Ads are the two platforms that immediately come to mind. We never like to count Bing, though, yet the search engine’s newest feature places them right into the mix with the other two.

Last month, Bing launched their Audience Segmentation reporting feature, which allows advertisers to gain further insights about how their search campaigns are performing. Advertisers can now split data by Audience Category at the ad-group level, making it easier to analyze audience types against non-targeted users. The added information will also help advertisers make smarter and more efficient changes to their audience bid modifiers.

People won’t have to wait around too long to get their hands on the new feature, either. According to Bing, Audience Segmentation will be available globally by early February.

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