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IndustryIQ: Snapchat’s Newest Feature Could Be The Best News For Your Business’ Marketing

Small Businesses Can Advertise on Snapchat as of next month

Well, well, well! It’s finally here! Snapchat is officially hopping on the targeted social ads train (where their rival Facebook and Instagram have already live). Expected to roll out on June 1st, Snapchat’s new self-service ad feature will allow businesses to place ads via its own ads manager dashboard. Brands can bid on ads and target specific audiences, and will also be able to push out app install ads and geofilters as well as full-screen video. Insights such as impression & reach will be available on the dashboard. Unlike its counterparts, Snapchat’s dashboard is made for mobile too — allowing for easy campaign adjustments on-the-go.

YouTube Pauses Ads in YouTube Search For Better Control of Content

YouTube received major flak from brands advertising video content on their platform as a result of having ads appear alongside offensive and extremist content. Implementing quick changes hasn’t been an easy feat, so YouTube has effectively paused their TrueView ads (that show up in the video search bar) until further notice. Marketing Land confirms that a Google exec assured, “The temporary pausing is necessary to implement controls that will provide more visibility into and control over where video ads appear. Discovery ad targeting can include demographics and interests, which take into account search history and other factors. Advertising intel firm MediaRadar has claimed that since March’s backlash against the video host site from brands has resulted in a 5% drop in advertisers.

Reviews Directory Angie’s List Gets Purchased for 500M

The proof is in the pudding (or the sale): online reviews are becoming increasingly valuable – popular reviews site Angie’s List was recently acquired for a whopping 500M by IAC (which owns The Daily Beast, among other sites). Angie’s List focuses mainly on home services reviews, and had a tough time taking their offering to the next level while running up against free sites like Yelp. With its IAC merger, the company will now become ANGI Homeservices, a combination of Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, to take the home services review market by storm.

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