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Introducing: The Smart Network

We’re proud to announce the release of our listings network, The Smart Network. Our next gen listings ecosystem has the capability to list businesses on over 80 search and discovery sites.

What makes The Smart Network stand out from the rest is our core promise: we list businesses where it matters most, emphasizing smart, perfect data on all of the right channels. The “bigger is better” approach is ineffective and outdated.

When every business is listed on every directory, with no unique content differentiation, no one wins. Tech has advanced well beyond the archaic process of entering a business’s data on a spreadsheet and uploading information on every directory under the sun.

“Sites that consumers use to find products and services nearby like Yelp or Facebook are highly active ecosystems. Their value lies in the crowdsourced information users provide in real time,” says Brad Wing, VP of Platform and Partnerships at SweetIQ. Our brand new network is going to disrupt the industry and align with the immediacy, dynamicness and accuracy required to optimize local listings.

Here’s the breakdown of how The Smart Network functions:  

  • By leveraging direct APIs and deep partnerships like Yelp, SweetIQ gives clients full control of their listings, keeping them dynamic, accurate, and constantly up-to-date.
  • Access to advanced conversion insights from Yelp, Google, Facebook, Bing, Foursquare, as well as a myriad of offline data sources help businesses tie searches to in-store sales.
  • Quarterly reviews of directory performance further protect businesses from the transient nature of the local search and discovery ecosystem, automatically replacing less performant directories with newer and more relevant ones.
  • Combined with SweetIQ’s advanced data analytics platform and online-to-offline attribution engine, basic listings are elevated to the next level, changing from a path of “being found online” to “driving incentivized consumers to stores”.

Most importantly, The Smart Network doesn’t hold data hostage. SweetIQ builds local listings that are active, living pages, verified directly on each site. The data can be updated in real time and is never frozen. The traditional approach to blasting listings everywhere does not account for organic claiming, and relies on duplicate suppressions; this is a stagnant listings approach and does not cultivate a sustained local marketing performance.


The Smart Network is the next gen solution that will drop pins for your business where it matters most.



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