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FAQ: How Should You Deal with Sudden Store Closures?

Real life doesn’t stop when the workday starts. Sometimes, it throws you a curveball and, before you know it, you have to shut your store down without warning.

Maybe you’ve been saddled with a last-minute doctor’s appointment. Perhaps Mother Nature felt like today would be a good day for a powerful snowstorm. Whatever the reason, now that your store is closed, you need to react quickly and take action to ensure your customers don’t make their way through the storm to find the windows barricaded.

Here are some of the best practices for handling a scenario such as this and how best to deal with your customers:

  1. Update your special hours on Google My Business ASAP: Google is outright the most popular search engine in the world with nearly 77% of the global search engine market share, so it’s highly likely that’s where consumers will search for your store. In the event of an unexpected store closure, it’s paramount for you to update your special hours. Failure to do so means customers will continue to believe your store is still open. Regardless of how good your reason is for the sudden closure, misleading customers — no matter how unintentionally — will only result in lost brownie points in the customer experience.
  2. Keep social media followers in the loop: Your social media channels are your best tools for creating instant dialogues with current and prospective customers, so what better way to update your clientele on a breaking situation and provide them with up-to-the-minute information? That being said, your goal is to update all social media channels that you’re active on to reach the widest audience. Being proactive, and updating these mediums will go a long way for connecting with your consumers. The best part: you have a number of ways to update them. Whether it’s through a Snapchat story, an Instagram photo or video, or through live updates via Twitter — there are many interactive steps you can take to keep your customers in the loop. #NailedIt
  3. Always remember the low hanging fruit: Businesses need to keep in mind that the basic solutions for informing your local crowds can’t be forgotten. Updating your digital channels is important, since it’s the primary way for people to get in touch with your business, but taking the extra precaution to put out a “closed” or “moving” sign can go a long way towards maintaining customer satisfaction — especially if the customer has taken the time out of their day to come visit you.



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