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Industry IQ: “Near Me” Searches on Facebook and Amazon’s Troubles with its Brick-and-Mortar Business

Facebook Taps in to “Near Me” Searches

According to TechCruch, Facebook is currently testing an advanced local search and discovery feature that allows users to scout out businesses close by via “nearby” searches. For example, users can search “pizza nearby”, which will generate a list of businesses in the specific area. The listings include a business’ Facebook NAP data, average star rating, and even friends who have previously checked into the location. Right now, it’s unclear what data Facebook is using to rank and pull results.  In any case, this new development is surefire proof that your business’ Facebook page needs to be optimized for local.

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Amazon’s Futuristic Store Isn’t Quite Ready to Open its Doors

A couple months ago, we wrote about Amazon’s plans to launch a novel brick-and-mortar store, Amazon Go: no payments or cashiers, just products and consumers. A person would simply wander in the store, grab whatever’s on their grocery list, and wander out. Afterward, charges would show on their Amazon account: no transaction necessary! However, a recent report in The Wall Street Journal says that Amazon may have to delay its launch for a little while. As it stands, Amazon’s technology is unable to accurately identify products that have been taken off the shelf and then placed back, and there’s also problems handling multiple people in the store at one time.

Amazon Books in Seattle's University Village The First Physical Store

Meanwhile, In Canada….

Last week, the CBC reported that a few businesses in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, suspect there is fishy” activity occurring on their Google listingsThree pool and landscape companies noticed a similar string of negative reviews on their listings, interestingly, right before the busy Spring rush. Typically, the three companies in question would be competitors, but this perceived attack on their reputation has brought them together. The Ottawa police agree that this coincidence is suspicious, especially as internet fraud in the city is on the rise. Contrarily, a rep from Google assured CBC that “We believe that overall the reviews system is an opportunity for great businesses to shine and attract more customers. The vast majority of reviews on Google Maps are legitimate.”

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