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Industry IQ: Facebook’s Role in the Election, O2O Attribution, and Early Bird Holiday Shoppers

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Zuckerberg Responds to Critics of Facebook’s Role in Fake News Dissemination During Election

Facebook came under fire following last week’s election results. Critics suggested that the “fake news” and “hoaxes” generated in the social networking site’s News Feed section effectively misinformed voters. On Saturday, Zuckerberg posted a statement in response to the accusations, saying that “at least 99% of the news content on Facebook is authentic.” Many are pressing for Facebook to gain a tighter grip on pieces categorized as news, but Zuckerberg warns this is dangerous territory: “Identifying the ‘truth’ is complicated… I believe we must be extremely cautious about becoming arbiters of truth ourselves.” To juxtapose the criticism, Facebook claims it influenced a cool 2 million people to get out and vote.

Street Fight Columnist Says Fully Traceable O2O Attribution is Upon Us 

Street Fight columnist Brian Smith wrote on Friday that we’re nearing a place in the world of local marketing where businesses can see a more exact picture of the effectiveness of their local campaigns. He wrote, “In truth, it’s impossible to get a perfect picture of your local marketing effectiveness. Nevertheless, there are ways to get a clear enough picture that you can form reasonable assumptions about the in-store success of your campaigns.”

Evidently, we’re from the same school of thought as Mr. Smith. Beacons technology, connections with apps like Uber and Lyft, and store visit tracking on Foursquare and Facebook will lead the way for local marketers to demonstrate ROI on their efforts. Most importantly, Smith urges businesses to steer clear of doing “everything”, and instead, focus on the right local marketing strategies in accordance to your brand and its target demographic. Amen to that!

Holiday Shopping Begins in October for Many Shoppers, According to Survey 

Nearly half of holiday shoppers have already begun their annual ritual of snatching up gifts for their loved ones as soon as October, according to a poll conducted by the National Retail Federation. The survey found that 40% of people ages 18 and older began shopping last month, while another 40% ramps up shopping in November. Unsurprisingly, half of the November shoppers start flexing their credit cards on the Holy Grail of retail day, Black Friday. How are you faring in the retail race?

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