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Industry IQ: The Battle of Zuckerberg vs. Spiegel Continues!

What’s Your Story? The Battle of Zuckerberg vs. Spiegel Continues!

When Facebook-owned Instagram released its stories feature last year, and the verdict was in: Mark Zuckerberg would take down Snapchat and preserve Facebook’s top spot in the social media arena, even if the technology was criticized for being a total copy. The latest figures point to Zuck’s success: Instagram has a reported 200 million daily active users on its stories feature, about 40 million more than Snapchat’s count. From the local perspective, although Snapchat’s geo-filter feature has become a prime tool for local marketers hoping to capitalize on social sharing, Instagram’s new “geo-stickers” feature levels the playing field. The adage “it’s not who does it first, it’s who does it best” is really ringing true in the entertaining Facebook-Snapchat battle.

You Can Get Your Food Delivered by Robots, Thanks to Yelp

In the tech hub that is San Francisco, anything can happen — including robots ferrying you pizza to satiate your late night craving. Yelp has teamed up with robot company Marble (a company stocked with former Google and Apple employees) to create Yelp/Eat24, comprised of self-driving delivery robots for Yelper’s who order off of the Eat24 site. Robots can be seen zooming around San Francisco’s Mission District and Puerto Hill neighbourhoods. Marble’s CEO Matt Delaney says food delivery is just the first iteration of this project, with groceries and pharmaceuticals coming in the future.

United Airline’s Facebook Post Has Incredible “Engagement”

When brands take to social media, it’s all about generating “engagement”: that is, having content that people interact with in a meaningful way. In the wake of United’s controversy last week following its forceful removal of a passenger on an overbooked flight, the company’s CEO posted a rather vague statement about the event. The result? A very, very “engaged” audience: with over 142K reactions, 12K shares and 111K comments, United certainly gave ‘em something to talk about. See the post here.

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