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Industry IQ: Tech Giants Get Colourful for Pride Month

Code it Loud and Code it Proud

Throughout June, many of the world’s biggest tech players showed solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community at large during Pride Month, incorporating touches of rainbow — as well as the oft-overlooked transgender pink and blue — into their regularly scheduled program.

TechCrunch put together a neat, little summary calling out 11 major companies for their efforts, big and small, ranging from social media stickers to Lyft’s one-two punch of a $100,000 donation supporting various LGBTQ+ causes and a program that rounds up riders’ fares to the nearest dollar in support of The Human Rights Campaign. Meanwhile, the award for most impressive logistical feat goes to Uber drivers in Seattle, who, for the second year in a row, offered customers drag shows delivered on-demand during the city’s Pride festivities.

Not all of these of shows of solidarity went entirely unscathed — notably, Facebook took a bit of flak for geotargeting its Pride flag reaction button, only making it fully available to users in areas where opposition to LGBTQ+ communities is already minimal. Generally speaking, however, these efforts were celebrated for adding nice touches to a month of important celebration.

Tracking Your Friends Just Became a Snap

Released as part of Snapchat’s most recent update, the app’s newest feature, known as “Snap Map, allows users to track their friends’ precise locations in real time. Users can access the feature by pinching the home screen in Snapchat’s camera, then choose to share their location with as many or as few of their friends as possible. For those who want to stay clandestine, there’s also a “Ghost Mode,” which lets users track their friends while staying off others’ radars. Understandably, many parents are concerned about having their teen’s locations publicly accessible via the app, but it’s possible to hide this feature altogether in your privacy settings. Follow these steps.

Snap Map is showing stories by location, but hasn’t yet introduced opportunities for advertisers. According to MarketingLand, ad launch likely isn’t far behind. On their official announcement, Snap said the purpose of its new feature is to “see what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!” Presumably, your business will aim to be the spot of choice for the Snap user’s adventuring.

Pinterest Brings Lens Feature More Into Focus

Speaking of updates, Pinterest’s latest has given full camera capabilities to its Lens feature, which uses visual recognition to pull up search results based on a set image’s key aspects. The upgraded tool, which has been said to have an interface similar to Snapchat’s camera, now gives users the option to both zoom and focus on a live image, which should significantly improve the quality of potential pins the app pulls up.

The expectation is that being able to use a camera capable of performing a visual scan right at that moment, as opposed to going through one’s camera roll and pulling up previously taken pictures after the fact, will increase usage and feel like less of a hassle.

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