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IndustryIQ: Menus Now on Google My Business, And Uber’s Latest Partnership

Restaurateurs, listen up! You can now make awesome menus on GMB

We all know the importance of your business’ presence on Google My Business. But getting listed is just the beginning — how much you “beef up” your listing can have a big impact on your conversion rate. Google knows the importance of giving quality information to the right people at the right time, and in the spirit of being informative, they have recently added a “structured menu” option for businesses. With this new feature, you can now add, update or delete multiple menus on a given location, you can also include menu sections within an existing menu. You can even list menu items with names, description, price and photos. For businesses (restaurants especially) hoping to “serve” information to the right consumer — this is a stellar new opportunity for you to shine.

McDonald’s and UberEats team up to bring Big Macs to your doorstep

Both Uber and McDonald’s have been making headlines recently; while Uber seems to be riddled in controversy, McDonald’s received praise from the marketing world for its “brandless” campaign. Engaget reports that McDonald’s is preparing to expand its relationship with UberEats — currently being tested in Florida — to more US locations in the imminent future. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook cites mobile ordering and convenient delivery options as top-priorities for the next couple of years as the restaurant chain attempts to keep up with the mobile-first generation.

Google’s Ode to… Cheese!?

Who doesn’t love a good Google Doodle? Last week, Google treated users to a culinary-inspired “doodle” on its homepage in honor of Marie Harel, the inventor of Camembert cheese, who was born 256 years ago on April 28th. The doodle took users on cheese-making journey, showing the nine-step process of making the beloved cheese variety. According to Search Engine Land, the Doodle was inspired by French artists Hervé Morvan and Raymond Savignac.

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