On Our Radar: Numbers and Launches You Need to Know About

On our radar this weekKnowing what happened before and what’s happening right now is the best way to plan and predict for your business.

The theme of today’s radar is just that. YP has released Q3 local search data while we’re in the midst of an iPhone launch as well of some Google revelations for your listings.

YP’s Digital Insights Report

YP has released its Q3 report that is jam packed with useful data that is laser targeted to the local search landscape. Here are some of the juicy stats enclosed:

Top Individual Search Categories

1.     Restaurants

2.     Financial Services

3.     Beauty Services

4.     Auto Repair and Services

5.     Real Estate

6.     Physicians and Surgeons

7.     Auto Parts

8.     Building Contractors

9.     Legal Services

10.  Materials, Equipment, and Supplies

What are local searchers searching for? The growth in searches is in constant flux, but here are the trends for both mobile and non-mobile online.

Growth Categories Mobile

Outdoor Recreation – 106%

Landscape and Lawn Services – 100%

Home and Garden – 90%

Sports and Recreational Activities – 65%

Tourist Information and Attractions – 46%

Growth Categories Online

Pool and Spa – 71%

Boats and Boating – 64%

Outdoor Recreation – 63%

Home and Garden – 56%

Book Stores – 52%

The rapid growth in these sectors shows an increase in mobile related activity. This is an opportune time for business owners in these industries to capitalize on these trends. Just because the restaurants and financial services are so prominent in local search, it doesn’t mean other sectors aren’t on the rise.

The full report insights are available here

Google Exposes the Guts of Your Business

…but only if you want them to. Google has implemented a new feature for those who participate in the Google Business Photos service. This is where photographers and businesses have get together to create professional photos of their business to add to their Google listing.

Google Maps Business Photos

Now Google Maps is showing little orange dots on the locations where these photos are available. By dragging the Pegman used for street-view overtop the orange dots, an interior business photo becomes available. This is great news for businesses that pride themselves on their in-store environment.

The Burgeoning iOS6

Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide has shared some numbers regarding traffic coming from the iOS6. The “large site” he uses as an example is kept anonymous (obviously) and shows that in the past month iOS ranked 2nd in the top 15 operating systems that visited the site.

However when he shows the number of visits within the first 24 hours to the website, the iOS6 ranked #9 with other 37,000 visits. If you’re thinking “That’s it?” remember that this is within the first 24 hours of the iOS6 being released to the public, confirming suspicions of the new iPhone’s popularity.

Today’s radar should be flashing hints to business owners everywhere. Not only is the iPhone 5 becoming the rage we all expected it to be, but YP has provided the mobile stats to capitalize on its popularity. Not to mention that for all those restaurants that get so much local search love, flaunting your inner décor is now that much easier with Google’s new map feature.

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