On Our Radar This Week: Google’s new local look, Yelp’s stunning growth and Yellow Pages vs. Google

There are some interesting facts going down in local search this week.

Yelp, Google, and Yellow Pages all made the radar this week with some interesting insights. Plus an interesting little article about consumer’s willingness to get deals .

New Search Results Format on Google

Mike Blumenthal posted on August 1st a new search results format on Google. The finding that Google is pinning business listings from other directories seems to be a newer development on the local search scene according to discussions surrounding the topic.

Walmart San Francisco Google Pin


It appears that Google is starting to give 3rdparty sites some Google “place pin” love. You will notice that certain searches have the place pin with the address under the Google organic search results without a designating letter. Still, some are appearing beneath the search result themselves.

Juliette Et Chocolat Google Pin


These new pins (or plus boxes) take the user to the Google Maps listing with the information at the side of the map.

Juliette et Chocolat Google Pin


What is strange is that the results are not linking directly to the Google+ Local Pages as may be expected.

Google Plus Local - Juliette et Chocolat


The reason for the difference is still unclear. Based on our experience, when Google starts testing new features like this, there’s an algorithm change,  a new feature rollout, or something larger a-foot. As always, more to come as new developments unfold.

Yelp Q2 Updates Results

Yelp released their numbers from the second quarter of this year with the following highlights:

Cumulative reviews: 30 million (54% growth year over year)

Average monthly unique visitors: Over 78million (52% growth year over year)

It seems (not unexpectedly) that the burgeoning power of Yelp is as strong as ever. Included in the Q2 results, are some of Yelp’s highlights including market expansion, Yelp mobile, Apple iOS 6 integration, Bing integration, and expansion into the United Kingdom.

Yellow Pages vs. Google, Which Is Better?

Altman Vilandrie & Company released a study reporting that ads on the Yellow Pages local ad network are more cost effective than on Google Adwords. A total of 62 small businesses around the country showed that Yellow Pages had an average cost-per-call of $46 opposed to $88 for Adwords.

77% the companies receiving calls from both Yellow Pages ads and Google ads realized the difference in value and of the 20 small business categories studies, 17 showed better cost-per-call value with a Yellow Pages ad. It looks like Yellow Pages is cleaning house when it comes to local advertising ROI.

Bonus Consumer Insight

Approximately half of consumers are willing to consent to an app that would follow their every move if they got 50% off all their purchases. The study was conducted by Street Fight Mag and included one thousand participants, 61% of which being female.

So who is most likely to consent to such an app? Apparently men (55.61%) age 18-34 (61.17%) with dubious education backgrounds (60%) (they checked off “prefer not to say” when asked for education level).

Why is this important? Because location-based services stand to gain from information about their local prospects, increasing the ability for local businesses to target and market to future customers. Surprisingly enough, a large portion of consumers (most importantly, the youngest consumer demographic) don’t mind allowing access to this type of information.

What are your thoughts about what’s happening in the Local Search landscape? Let us know.

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