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Snap Happy: Why (And If) Your Business Should Use Snapchat

For all of the millions of apps available for download worldwide, you’d be lucky to come up with even a handful as wildly polarizing as Snapchat.

People who keep their index finger hovered above the install button, but never actually tap it, have their reasons. They’ve seen dog-eared, flower-crowned selfies pervading their other feeds and thought “it’s just not for me.” They’ve read that it’s popular with teenagers and suddenly felt too out of touch to take the plunge. They’ve heard more than enough stories about Snapchat being a medium for something rhyming with “trick pics.”

For a business, the use of Snapchat is much different than that of a consumer. But that said, concerns over adapting content to an interface often labelled “unintuitive,” and questioning whether or not to add Snapchat on top of existing social content in the first place, run amok on campaign brainstorming sessions.

Snapchat isn’t for all businesses and, if used improperly, can definitely smack of “trying too hard.” But if Snapchat’s users factor into your target audience even a little bit, this large segment of potential customers should not be left unattended.

Here are five quick-and-dirty Snap facts, so you can determine the platform’s place in your business.

Why Should My Business Use Snapchat?

Because, no matter how you feel about the app itself, Snapchat’s user base comprises 301 million monthly active users, 43% of whom are checking in for at least 30 minutes daily in North America (33% in Europe), collectively viewing nearly 10 billion snaps per day.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, focus on this the next time your business is mulling over some combination of the usual Facebook-Twitter-Instagram trifecta: on any given day, 35% of Snapchat users won’t use Facebook, 46% won’t use Instagram and 81% won’t use Twitter. Any way you slice it, that’s too many users only using Snapchat to miss out on.

OK, but Among Those 301 Million People, Who’s Using Snapchat the Most?

Around 71 per cent of Snapchat users are under the age of 34. Zoom in closer and you’ll find that 45 per cent of its total user base are between the ages of 18 and 24.

Ok, age demographics are important , but  here’s the all-important kicker you’ll want to focus on: 76 per cent of Snapchat users are also online shoppers.

Given the highly documented fact that Generation Z — the ones currently in the driver’s seat in terms of buying power — and Millennials are both known for their desire to create authentic, meaningful relationships with brands, all of these stats should give you an idea as to why Snapchat is important: because it can be a natural extension to their everyday social activity.

What Sorts of Things Can I Do With Snapchat?

The deeper you dive into it and the more you discover its capabilities, the more creative you’ll get with its functionality and the easier it’ll be to develop a proper strategy for your business.

It’s also worth mentioning that Snapchat requires original content as you can’t to repurpose  any from other social media platforms because it functions so differently, so be prepared to put in extra time necessary (but worth it).

As a rough guide, here are some of the things you can create:

  • The Snap: The thing that started it all. Snapchat allows you to post images and videos to create a Story (see below). You can set timers on how long before your Snaps disappear, but you also have the option to save them as “Memories” within the platform.
  • The Story: Snapchat Stories consist of regular Snaps strung together a compelling story for your followers. You can leverage this for new product launches, get a celebrity to take over your Snapchat account for the day, or simply to share fun clips within your locations of merchandise.
  • The Geofilters: These allow you to create geofences around a specific location and offer branded filters to any Snapchat users who happen to be in the area.
  • The Code: An original Snapcode (think QR codes), which potential customers can use to immediately follow you on Snapchat.

Where Should I Start with Snapchat?

Aim locally — and, on that note, let’s return to the subject of geofilters.

Geofilters can greatly influence the way that younger audiences interact with your business, whether you have brick-and-mortars in a particular neighbourhood or you’re operating a booth inside a concert venue. The ability to precisely target potential customers while they’re in a given location puts you in a better position to reach a ready-to-buy audience .

Luckily, as a Snapchat partner, we have plenty of experience setting up Snapchat Geofilter campaigns and can help you launch ones that will strengthen your brand.

When Would Be the Best Time to Start?

Once you’ve developed the right Snapchat strategy for your business, right away! No time like the present.

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