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How A Store Locator Page Can Increase Revenue

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Businesses often consider store locator pages a mandatory but low return addition to a website. Rather than a boring “must have”, your store locator pages can be a great local SEO tool, helping your website rank higher and raising your CTRs. The trick is structuring your pages so that you are tossing up the most useful information to consumers at the highest point of intent. In the restaurant, apparel/beauty, and electronics industries, 71% of smartphone users say they’ve used a store locator to find a shop location. Below we outline three things to consider when creating your pages to help them rank.

1. Give each location it’s own page: Ideally each location should have it’s own page. This creates a link for every location that you have which will then be picked up by directories such as Google and Bing. That way, your store locator page should appear in the SERPS no matter what geomodifier users add to your store name.

2. Make sure your Store Locator Pages are discoverable: It should not be buried in your site or difficult to find, doing so will make it harder for Google to find and index your pages. Feature it prominently at the top of your website.

3. Add rich content to each page: If you can, include photos to each page and links to each locations social media pages. This builds backlinks and will help deliver contextual information to your customers. Don’t forget to include hours of operation and NAP info. This will also help with your Local SEO in directories.

The mark of knowing you’ve implemented your store locator pages properly is seeing it pop up in the search results when you type in your business name + a geomodifier such as “Starbucks Toronto”. It’s crucial that you keep your store locator page information up to date. This can get time consuming when you have multiple locations. If your business is looking for advice on setting up store locator pages for your locations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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