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Stories You Should Not Have Missed Last Week

Last week there seemed to be an avalanche of articles to read. Here are a few newsworthy items everyone should have read.

MarketLand wrote an interesting article about “How “Location” Evolved Into “Audiences” For Mobile Ad Targeting.

Native advertising has become a recent catchphrase but what is it and how and where it is used has been mapped out for us by the Altimeter Group.

AdAge details how JetBlue has become a very successful user of social media – knowing when to shut up is as important as when to say something.

Meanwhile Business Insider CTO lost his job last week for not know when to shut up – Forbes tells about his questionable tweets.

Franchises many times do not use social media – Chipolte and Five Guys go against the mainstream to great effect – a learning experience worth reading.

Twitter launches DM Recommendations – Mashable explores the magic and potential of this new advertising method.

Search Engine Strategies conference held earlier this month had a number of good panels on local marketing. A smart marketer even outlined his mobile social presentation prior to the event.

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