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Top 6 Mobile Apps for Local Search

Local Search Apps

Shoppers are relying on their smartphones more than ever before to find products and services with ‘near me’ searches as a driving force. With 80% of local searches conducted on mobile leading to direct in-store purchases, local searches are made with a direct intent to buy.

With mobile continually on the rise and search engines adapting accordingly, businesses have a lot to gain by getting in the local search app game. Outside of creating an app dedicated to whatever services or products you may offer, we list 6 apps that are essential in gaining local search traction online.

Local Search and Mobile 

Trip Advisor

iOS and Android
340 million unique monthly visitors
The self-titled, “world’s largest travel site” is used most frequently for planning big trips or visiting a new city. Users can search from over 6.5 million hotels, restaurants and “things to do”. Users also have the ability to leave their own ratings and reviews based on their travel experiences. Searches using this app can be filtered by price, relevance, or distance. Nearly 50% of users visit Trip Advisor from a tablet or mobile phone.

Google Search

iOS and Android
95 million unique monthly active users
We couldn’t write an article on popular search apps without including Google. Reining on mobile and desktop, many consumers begin their digital journey with a search on Google. The Google Search app is an extension of Google Search online and pulls up local results for searches containing geotags. Just like on desktop searches, a local pack appears with top rated local search results. Once a user clicks on a listing they will see additional information and can call directly using the app.

Google Maps

iOS and Android
87.8 million unique monthly active users
Going hand in hand with Google Search, consumers can search directly on the Google Maps app to pull up information on goods and services nearby. Google Maps also provides information on possible routes, traffic jams, and store NAP information (name, address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.). Keeping in mind that any Google app grabs their NAP information directly from Google My Business, ensuring your GMB is updated and claimed is vital for streamlined local search information.


iOS and Android
21 million unique monthly active users
Yelp is arguably the world’s most popular user review site. Users rely on this app to find high quality nearby services including restaurants, dental offices, mechanic shops, and plumbers. Harvard Business School found that a 1 star increase in a Yelp rating has been shown to boost in store sales by 5-9%.

Apple Maps

iOS and Andriod
46.4 million unique monthly users
Apple’s initial response to Google Maps wasn’t even a close second, but over the past three years it has grown exponentially. Directly competing with Google as one of the most popular mapping apps for iPhone and iPad, users submit 5 billion mapping requests each day.


iOS and Android
50 million monthly active users
Foursquare is used worldwide to find local restaurants and businesses. Boasting a unique “Pilgrim” technology, Foursquare has the capability of determining information about a user’s habits in relation to their location. Unique in its use of filters, i.e. tastes, the more a user logs into this app and explores its functions the more accurate the suggestions will be. One of the most intuitive local search apps on the market, be sure to be listed.

All of these apps will kick-start your local search game instantly. Users can’t find what’s not available online. A good first step is to ensure all your business information is properly updated in your Google My Business. Interested in learning more about gaining ground in local search? Sign up for your weekly newsletter and stay up-to-date on all things local.


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